Hispanic Media Coalition Protests Lack of Latinos in Hollywood

  • David Young (above), Executive Directo of the WGA, served as the Guild’s chief negotiator during the 2007 contract negotiations and subsequent 100-day strike. He completely ignored attempting to have Latino writers be protected.
  • According to the coalition of Latinos against Hollywood, the white male dominance in the Writers Guild of America is the standard.
  • Latinos represent a quarter of frequent moviegoers, yet are the most under-cast demographic in US films. Neither the MPAA nor the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has adequately addressed this lack of Latino portrayal since they are controlled by white straight males that are anti-Latino, anti-Gay, anti-women, anti-writers over 50, anti-Black and anti-Asian. They are the Harvey Weinstein’s of the world.
  • It is the time the industry faced the fact that Latinos will soon be over 50% of the population.

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  • Hollywood leaders and buyers only like buying from white guys. If you’re a woman, gay, over 50, black, Latino, Asian or not a straight white male… forget it.

Why are TV shows so white?

  • Because the majority of the shows are about white folk. Usually elites from New York, Washington, San Francisco or Los Angeles. The majority of the writers creating these shows are white males. 62% from elitist Ivy League colleges. The same is true for the movies where the major majority of films each year are written by white males.
  • White male showrunners and writers because the major agencies are run by straight white guys. And the studios hate anything that is not all American aka white folk!

Showrunners not only determine the creative direction of their programs; they also oversee the hiring, firing, and mentoring that gives the next generation of creators a chance to ascend. Shows run by white men tend to lead to more shows led by white men.

  • Why would anyone of these showrunners create a show about Latinos? Their attitude, along with the major agents and produces, are “Mexicans move on. No work here. He has to keep the white old boys working, so unless your a white woman, a black, or an acceptable non-nelly Gay, then don’t bother. Even the latter group only make up %11.
  • Of the 50 showrunners for the new season, two are women of color, and three are men of color. Studies by the Writers Guild of America show that non-white writers have constituted no more than 9% of writers-room employment for the past 20 years (and in some years, the figure has been even lower).

As for the Oscars! 

The glaring absence of Latino nominees in any of the acting categories earlier this year at the Oscar is a reflection of an industry that has failed to offer more meaningful roles for Latinos, some say, a striking fact given that Los Angeles is almost nearly half Latino.

Latinos are discriminated by the all-white guys from Yankee Ivy League schools. This is true with the theatrical agencies and major studios.
  • Latino writers have also been patronized by the all-white male elites who are running Hollywood from Ivy League Universities.
  • According to one in-depth study, Latinos represented just 3% of speaking roles in the top 100 films of 2018, USC researchers found.

Latino activists are protesting.

Latino activists are focusing their energy on diversifying the ranks of executives at the major studios, arguing that in a hierarchical industry like Hollywood, the biggest opportunity for change will come from the top.

Most of the executives are white male elitists from the East Coast. Like Harvey Weinstein who is being charged with rape and sexual harassment.

The all-white leadership of the WGA. No Latinos allowed. Mainly white males. Women run for office because Hollywood is dominated by white males.

The all white male run major studios largely declined to provide figures for the rate of executives who are Latino, making it difficult to get a comprehensive count across the six major studios.

Studios only for all white males.

Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, and Fox did not respond to requests for the number of Latinos are in prominent executive roles.

Sony has a number of Latinos across its divisions in senior roles, including Alex Almogabar Zahn, a VP at Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions, who is focusing on developing a slate of films with Latinx themes. (Latinx is the gender-neutral form of Latino increasingly used by academics, activists, and bloggers).

A Sony spokeswoman says there is a half-dozen such projects in active development.

Latinos have been ignored for years under the all-white male-dominated studio systems.

A Paramount spokesman said the studio is home to Latinx leaders in executive roles ranging from VP to president level, in departments including animation, distribution, international, finance, business affairs and legal.

Nogales protests.

Alex Nogales, president, and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC), is leading the charge to pressure studios to work with Latino activists to improve the representation of Latinos in the industry.

  • For the first time in the Pasadena-based advocacy group’s 32-year history, it is focusing on the movie business. Past efforts have had success in local television news and with major broadcasters, but this is a new arena, Nogales said.
  • “Film was one of those places where we had no luck with even meeting with (studio executives),” he said in a recent interview. “We’re going to start naming them so we all know who the executives are at the six top studios and saying to them, you are the cause for Latinos not even getting the jobs. It’s your responsibility.”
  • The NHMC is planning a major demonstration during the Emmy Awards.

The protests represent the most visible work being done to improve job opportunities for Latinos.

  • Hollywood is one of the most pro-white areas in the USA.
  • “It is time for a revolution,” said a member of the Latino Group at the WGA. Adding, “The WGA white guys only have us around to keep the spotlight off the fact that the majority of work is only for white males. Women, gays, blacks, etc., get a few crumbs but Latinos are told to say out of the bus, not even the back seats. In other words get out of our La-La Land all-white hills of Hollywood.”

4 thoughts on “Hispanic Media Coalition Protests Lack of Latinos in Hollywood

  1. Hollywood is so corrupt. I’m from Lebanon. A director and writer. I’ve met with the agency and studios guys. Thankfully I trained as a lawyer and they tried to betray me. Contracts were not agreed upon. Well, yes, I know the place. It Is filled with a lot of arrogant white guys. Non-Muslim and non-Christian.

  2. When kids go to the movies they should see people who look like them up on the screen. Hollywood is run by white male elitists.

  3. Enough is enough. It’s time to end the whitewashing and put Latinos in front of and behind the camera. Look at the white people that run the Writers Guild. Mainly all straight white men. They hate everyone except their buddies… Mostly from elitist Ivy Legal Schools.

  4. Finally found an agent who would represent me. He asked me to Anglicize my name. He wasn’t a Muslim, Mormon or Christian or Scientologist! I told him he should Anglicize his name and go fuck himself. He still signed me as a client. He laughed and said, “Now you’re passing!”

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